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Mese: Dicembre 2010

"Infallibility" and Equality in Catholicism

by Christine Schenk csj I have been asked to respond to an article which appeared in the New York Times a week ago stating that Cardinal Ratzinger of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith had interpreted the teaching on the non-ordination of women as “infallible.” I have consulted with several theologians and as […]

Optional Celibacy Survey Results

Optional Celibacy Survey Results Survey results by diocese of priests responding to the question:Do you favor an open discussion of the mandatory celibacy rule for diocesan priests? (for more detailed results and available comments from priests click on each diocese).Diocese Priests Responding Yes No UnsureAlbany 69 of 243 [28%] 62% 35% 3%Baltimore 93 of 238 […]

A Brief History of Celibacy in the Catholic Church

First CenturyPeter, the first pope, and the apostles that Jesus chose were, for the most part, married men. The New Testament implies that women presided at eucharistic meals in the early church. Second and Third CenturyAge of Gnosticism: light and spirit are good, darkness and material things are evil. A person cannot be married and […]

What’s the deal about legally married priests?

Recently, I’ve heard of cases in Ohio and Texas where Anglican parishes have become Catholic parishes and Anglican priests, who are married, are allowed to become Catholic priests. I didn’t know one could receive a dispensation from celibacy. So my question is, what’s the deal? How can a married Anglican priest become a Roman Catholic […]