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Mese: Ottobre 2010

International Movement We Are Church

The international movement We are Church, founded in Rome in 1996, is committed to the renewal of the Roman Catholic Church on the basis of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and the theological spirit developed from it. We are Church evolved from the Church Referendum in Austria in 1995 that was started after the paedophilia […]

With Eyes on the Middle East Synod …

Theologian Paints a Vivid Picture of a Christian’s Life in the Strife-Torn Region by Edward Pentin, Rome Correspondent Monday, Sep 20, 2010 7:48 AM Comment As Christians continue to emigrate from the Holy Land in large numbers as a result of conflict and hardships, it is difficult to determine what is at stake in the […]

Proportion of Christians in England has stayed the same for 10 years

We remain, by a large majority, a Christian culture By Quentin de la Bedoyere on Friday, 1 October 2010 Claud Cockburn claimed that the dullest Times headline ever written was: “Small earthquake in Chile. Not many dead.” For us, last week, the dullest headline might have been “Proportion of Christians in England unchanged.” Not that […]