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Mese: Luglio 2010

Prayer For an Inclusive Priesthood

Antiphon: “I have made you a light for the nations, so that my salvation may reach the ends of the earth.” (Acts 13: 47) Jesus, we bring to you our love and concern for the worldwide Church. We bring especially our love for the Eucharist, your body and blood. You are our Emmanuel, “God with […]

Action for Optional Celibacy

A married priesthood was the original tradition for over 1200 years after Christ. Clerics fathered children legitimately for over a thousand years. The cost of mandating celibacy is insufficient numbers of priests to sustain humanity and Catholicism. Making celibacy optional will ease the severe shortage of priests around the world, help secure access to sacraments, […]

News: What is Progressive Christianity?

Bill Colburn Progressive Christianity is not simply inviting folks to come in shorts and sandals, providing Starbucks coffee, or having a band that plays Christian rock music. It is not church-as-usual with a few candles and incense. It isn’t a bait and switch method that pretentiously brings into the church secular practices only to appear […]

The Priestess and the Pope

By Kathryn Skelton, Staff Writer At the center of first-time author Paul Dionne’s new book is a 1,500-year-old edict that women can’t be priests anymore and the women who beg to differ. Set in AD 495, the book is based on the epistle by Pope Gelasius. Dionne, the former Lewiston mayor and head of the […]

A Church in trouble

The Roman Catholic bishop of Peterborough Diocese is calling upon Catholics to help pay off the multi-million dollar debt that is crippling the Diocese. We realize that Bishop DeAngelis inherited this great debt, but many of the faithful would like to know what caused something in which they played no role, and to have some […]

‘Being a woman priest is what I feel I am called to do’

The Irish Times – Saturday, July 31, 2010 Soline Humbert outside the Church of St Thérése, Mount Merrion, Dublin. Cardinal Daly refused to accept from her a 10,000-name petition calling for women priests. Photograph : Matt Kavanagh PATSY McGARRY Religious Affairs Correspondent The Vatican’s directive confirming its policy of excommunication for those involved in the […]

A Married Priesthood: Why Not?

By George Buddleighton George Buddleighton is a family doctor in Ireland. This column originally appeared in somewhat different form in the November 2005 issue of the Irish Brandsma Review, and is reprinted with permission. One of the more enduring aspects of the secular media and dinner-party dogmaticians is an inability to understand that there is […]

Married Priests by Petrà Basilio

Internet book shop The author, some years after publication of Priests married by the will ofGod? Exploring a Church with two lungs, notes that the book enjoyedvarious types of responses, in different parts of the world. Abroad or, inany case, in other languages, there was no lack of shorter or longerreviews in important journals. Both […]

Pilgrims must pay to attend 2 pope events in UK

By ROBERT BARR (AP) – 1 day ago LONDON — Pilgrims will have to pay as much as 25 pounds ($39) to attend one of the two public events in England to be led by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit in September, church officials said Wednesday.The charges — believed to be a first for […]

Oops, we forgot Jesus’s women

The pope’s new book, The Friends of Jesus, doesn’t mention any of his female associates. It’s a telling omission o Stephen Tomkinso, Friday 30 July 2010 12.14 BST Was it a hilarious howler or does he simply not like women? The pope’s new children’s book, The Friends of Jesus, tells the stories of 14 […]

How the churches intend to increase their influence in the EU

When the Treaty of Lisbon was signed, it brought into effect a clause that gives special consultation rights to religious organisations. It is something the Vatican has been trying to achieve for decades. Now that Article 17 is in place, it commits the EU to holding “an open, transparent and regular dialogue with… churches and […]

Benedict XVI reflects on Pope’s role in Church

Castel Gandolfo, Italy, Jul 30, 2010 / 04:57 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Nobody could lead the Church without the assistance of God, said Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday. After seeing a film highlighting important moments in his ministry and the life of the Church from the last five years, the Pope observed that the Church is […]

Why many faithful are leaving the Catholic Church

 In response to your “News and Views” item last Sunday (“An exodus of youth from Catholic Church”): I found it interesting that only one paragraph was partially devoted to the ongoing scandal of priest abuse cases. I can tell you that I (a 46-year-old male) and many others older than 30 have left the Catholic […]

Vatican accused of hypocrisy over short skirts dress code

The Vatican has been accused of hypocrisy after Swiss Guards launched a crackdown on tourists wearing skimpy clothing.  Swiss Guard outside St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican Photo: ALAMY By Nick Squires in Rome   Visitors said that at a time when the Catholic Church is battling scandals over paedophile priests and decades of cover-ups, it […]


(AGI) Rome – Italian deputies will be receiving 1000 euros less in their paychecks. In line with the austerity plan the Presidency office has decided to cut 500 euros from their travel per diems and other 500 euros for their office dogsbodies. Deputies earning over 90,000 euros will receive a further 5% cut in their […]